I’m the only one in the household who lives in Manila. Whenever there’s a chore that needs to be performed in the capital, by default, I am the one to do it. Be it applying for an NSO/PSA birth certificate or DSWD travel clearance or declaring a visa or passport, the task falls on my lap whether I like it or not.

One of the things that I always discover myself composing is an authorization letter. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a file that essentially grants you consent to do something in behalf of somebody else who can’t do it themselves. typically it’s for something extremely easy like collecting an product or protecting a copy of a document. For much more incredibly essential tasks, sensitive situations, or powerful privileges, you may requirement something much more binding like an affidavit or power of attorney. however if it’s a easy undertaking, frequently an authorization letter will suffice.


Because I always do bit tasks for household members, I have saved a number of authorization letter templates for different occasions. as well as I’m sharing them with you. These are Word data (.docx) so you can quickly edit them. just replace the highlighted texts with your own information.

For applying for a copy of Birth Certificate. Although an on the internet choice is available, applying in person is much faster. download here!

For Collecting Passport. personal appearance is needed when applying for a passport however not when declaring it after it’s processed. You can likewise utilize this for declaring passport from embassy or travel company after visa application. download here!

For applying for DSWD travel Clearance. If somebody other than the minor’s parent or legal guardian is applying, an authorization letter from parents is required. download here!


For the function of this post, let’s phone call the two celebrations representative as well as REQUESTER. The requester is the one who is asking for a favor as well as who indications the letter. The representative is the one doing the task in behalf of the requester.

These are the info bits that your letter needs to have.

Heading. typically it’s just the date when you composed the letter. If you want to make it much more formal or professional, you can add a return address.

Name of the representative. compose their full name. You can likewise add exactly how you’re associated to them.

Kimlik Numarası. Sometimes, establishments look for an ID number in purchase as one more determine of confirming that the holder is certainly the person specified in the letter.

Görev. Specify what precisely you want your representative to do on your behalf. If there are several activities that you requirement them to do, you can listing them down.

Effectivity dates of the authorization. For your own protection, it’s finest to have a particular period of time that the letter can be used.

Kimlik belgesi. Usually, establishments need that a copy of an ID of the person be presented. Often, the copy likewise needs to be signed. This is one more method of making sure that the authorization letter is authentic.

Contact number of the requester. just in situation the establishment has queries or needs even more confirmation, offer your get in touch with number. Mobile number is typically enough. however you can add your landline as well as email too, for great measure.

Signature of requester. printed name, connection with the representative, as well as signature. You can likewise add other develops of identification.

Digital signatures are frequently not accepted. Fortunately, I always come house when or twice a month so I get to have my household members indication the letter. When there’s no chance to find home, I would just email them the letter, have them print it out, indication it, as well as send it back to me through courier.

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