2GO travel requirements & FERRY schedule (New Normal)

2020 • 12 • 14

A part of Christmas tradition for us Filipinos is going back home to spend time with our family. It’s the time of the year where a lot of people travel to their provinces for the holidays causing bus stations to be packed, and lines for every other public transportation are long. because of the pandemic, it is best to prepare for your trip in development especially because protocols and requirements for travel these days are very different from what they used to be.

Among the transportation options, especially for those who like a more affordable way to go to the provinces in Visayas and Mindanao are ferries. 2Go travel is one of the greatest sea travel company in the Philippines. They currently have a lot more than a dozen operational routes plying from Manila or Batangas to different provinces and vice versa.

If you are planning to go back to your province for the holiday season, here are 2Go’s operational routes for December 2020 and the protocols they currently carry out for passengers.

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Travel requirements to safe before Your Trip1. Prepare your travel requirements.
2. download the Traze App.

Ferry / Ship Boarding Protocol
Rules & guidelines Onboard the Ship / Ferry
2GO Ferry Schedule
How to book 2Go Tickets
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Travel requirements to safe before Your Trip

1. Prepare your travel requirements.

Travel requirements vary depending on your point of origin and destination. You may check the requirements list supplied by 2Go travel here.

You may also check with the local government of your origin and destination if there have been changes for the travel requirements.

2. download the Traze App.

All passengers are required to download and register on the Traze App, the application for contact tracing that is used by scanning a QR Code. For a lot more details about how to use the Traze App, you may check our post.

✅ READ: how TO use TRAZE APP!

Ferry / Ship Boarding Protocol

Get your body temperature checked. Upon entry, all passengers are subject to a body temperature check. Passengers with a temperature higher than 37.5 °C may be refused entry.

Fill out the health declaration Form. A health declaration form will be given to all passengers. fill out all information completely and honestly.

Board the ferry in an orderly manner. 2Go travel will be boarding passengers by batch. There will be 20 passengers per batch. long waiting time at the boarding gate is also discouraged. Port buses will be on standby to take you to the ship immediately.

Scan boarding pass. For a faster check-in process, your boarding pass will be scanned by a 2Go personnel.

Use foot bath. before boarding the vessel, use the supplied foot bath to disinfect your shoes. There will also be a thermal scanner to check your body temperature.

Rules & guidelines Onboard the Ship / Ferry

Wear a face mask. All passengers are required to wear a face mask in any way times during the boarding process and onboard the ship.

Always sanitize. Hand sanitizers are available on board, but it is still best to bring your own alcohol or alcohol-based sanitizers with you.

Observe proper physical distancing. use the floor marks as a guide for the 1.5 meter distance that is advised.

Listen to announcements for disembarkation. There will be PA announcements for disembarkation process. Disembarkation will be per accommodation and per batch.

Room occupancy is at 50% maximum capacity.

Only 3 people at a time are allowed to enter Quik Mart and public bathrooms.

In the dining area, only 1 person per table is allowed. Food will be served in sealed packaging.

All areas are professionally sanitized regularly.

2GO Ferry Schedule

Batangas to Caticlan
Caticlan to Batangas
7 times a week

Batangas to Roxas
Roxas City to Batangas
haftada 3 kez

Manila to Bacolod
Bacolod to Manila
haftada 3 kez

Manila to Butuan
Butuan to Manila
Haftada bir

Manila to Cagayan de Oro
Cagayan de Oro to Manila
haftada 4 kere

Manila to Cebu
Cebu to Manila
5 times a week

Manila to Coron
Coron to Manila
Haftada bir

Manila to Dumaguete
Dumaguete to Manila
haftada 2 kere

Manila to Iligan
Iligan to Manila
Haftada bir

Manila to Iloilo
Iloilo to Manila
haftada 3 kez

Manila to Ozamis
Ozamis to Manila
Haftada bir

Manila to Puerta Princesa
Puerto Princesa to Manila
Haftada bir

Manila to Zamboanga
Zamboanga to Manila
haftada 2 kere

How to book 2Go Tickets

If you want to book tickets, there are three options.

Go to 2Go’s web site travel.2go.com.ph.

Call their hotline 02-8528-7000.

Visit any 2Go outlet near you. You can find the list of branches here.

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